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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sama dan Serupa!


the Heart of Seoul
*patung pegang tongkat kat belakang tu.*

 the see-through bridge (Times Square)

 the open space (Times Square)
*u can see my ZARA's boutique in both pic, if u zoom it.*

 NamDaemun (kot)


ok, actually the upper part of the pictures are in the Music Video of 2PM, Fly to Seoul. i found out about this MV long time ago. but apperently, while i'm watching this MV *again and again* in the train while i'm in Korea, i saw the places are the same with the places i've been to!
and the lower part of course the proofs that i didnt lie about it. :D

fiuhh, lega dapat tell u guys. :D hihi
ok, i'm just sharing pictures with u guys. because i didnt put my pics during the visit to Korea that day. i have it in my old blog.
if u want to read it:
for the 1st day, HERE
2nd day, HERE
3rd day HERE
and the 4th day, HERE and HERE

5th, 6th and 7th day didnt include coz i was thinking, who might want to read this boring stories? so, i just quit writing bout it. :D

anyway, i'm glad to share this story to u guys.
for those yang tak sampai ke Korea lagi, u guys SHOULD!
korea is the best place for holiday!~

and for korean lover, u better go. coz, your ears will feel 'sedap telinga mendengar'. listen to their languagelah, of coz! tak payah nak pelik atau jakun sangat sebab akan selalu dengar. kalau kat Malaysia dgr je bahasa yg satu nih, terus berpaling. pandang je orang tu. gayatlah katakan.. hihi

ok, tu je nk share lah kot. sempat jugak update di tengah2 kesibukkan aku presentation hari ni hah..
semalam dah lepas 2, hari ni lagi 1. woo!!
wish me luck.

sarang a.k.a love

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