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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Presentation Marathon.


oh my!~ this week is like HELL!!
i've suffered from a presentation marathon which is 2 in Wednesday and got 1 today. 


this is for CTU.

this one for LIBERAL.

and this is for BEL.

ok, aku baru je perasan yang aku suka dark background. nampak elegant okeh. hihi
barulah ada semangat nak present macam nih.. 

the best presentation is for LIBERAL. i think. best3!~ hihi. sebab excited sangat cakap pasal Che Siti tuh.
CTU pown best jugak. paling tak best BEL sebab tajuk tak best lah! its okay coz the 2nd title i got a nice topic to tell the audience!~ huhu just wait for it another 2 weeks. :D

and should i say that i didnt tremble while presenting. yeah, it went very well.. and i think i've recover from stage fright. coz now i can say anything i want to say in front of the audience..

Proud to be me.. :D 
*ok, now i'm having a Narcissistic Personality Disorder!* XD

sarang a.k.a love

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