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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Let's Play Games #1 - Brainstorming, People!


hey, today is the last week before i start a mid-sem break! *can't wait! HARI RAYA!!!~*
and tomorrow is the last class for this week.
my class schedule is being messy and me too! LOL!

so, today, while waiting for another lecturer to come in, me and my friend play a game . :D
a brainstorming game. i get a headache playing it!~ :D

what game do we played?

this what it is:
1. find a word with alphabet C.
2. change the pronounciation from 'si' to 'ci'
(instead of changing the C into K, u say the C)

don't get it?
here some example:

Me: Co-lor (it suppose to pronounce like this: kalor)
She: co-mu-ni-ca-tion (komunikesyen, change the middle C too)
and keep giving out the words. 

it won't work with word 'change' 'chalk' 'chair' 'charity' 'chamber' etc.

u know sometime some words might be laughable to u and some might not. :D
so, it is like doing 2 work in a same time.
brainstorming and it is funny.

actually, me and my friend here always play games like this. it helps u to improve your english and find a new words. :D

and u'll love it!

i love brainstorming!

p/s: tomorrow we'll try for alphabet R. hihi XD

sarang a.k.a. love

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