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Monday, 31 October 2011

Be a genie! Grant somebody that cash prize of RM 10K! #NescafeChilllah

Be a genie! Grant somebody that cash prize of RM 10K! #NescafeChilllah

How does getting rewarded through sharing sound like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

How does getting rewarded through sharing sound like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Segment #11 - Hey, I'm Crazy Kpoppers! XD

Annyeong. *to show that i'm true kpopper!~*

this segment is needed me to story about kpop *of course!*

okay, i'm a big big big fan of KPOP.! when i said big fan, it really mean BIG!!

1. my laptop and hp is full with KPOP songs, MVs, Variety Shows, KDramas n Movies. *Hallyu habis lah ni*
2. i've spent my 4 months of semester break doing nothing but surf the internet and browse everything about KPOP. variety shows, music video, news, everything!
3. my house got 2 tv's. *not boasting* but to tell u that 1 tv is for me and my sis just to channel KBS World and One HD!
5. i've been to Korea just to see my fav country!!~ believe me girls and guys, Korea is great! *okay, how many time do i have to mention this??*
6. i have a ticket to 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour which i've mentioned it here!
7. i'm excited typing this entry. and if u realize that i've skipped number 4! :D
8. for more info about my obsession, click here .
9. oh ya, this entry is based on what i see and experienced..
10. for some laugh, click here...

ok, after reading the list, u guys must knew that i am interested in 2PM. and i am hot! HOTTEST!
they were called beastly-idol because of their beast-like attitude *eventhough it's not at all!* and because of their choreography.
yup! they are Beastly!~ XD
 what i like about them? THEIR ABS!!! worth craving for! hihi

i've been their fan since last year after the comeback of again & again and without u.
my bias was Nichkhun whom i'm not interested in anymore, and changed to 
he has smiled-eyes!~ which i like the most bout him.. and He's KOREAN!~
his silliness is adorable!~
he's my bias but doesn't mean that i like Rain! (which everyone said that they are like twins)

i have all their songs. truth said, i'm not a fan of JPOP, but their japanese songs made me listen to it.. and i got to admit that i'm still not into JPOP *sorry jpoppers!* but i like 2PM's J songs!~

here is 1 of the song.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jGlJia9H9d8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*if the box didn't appear, click this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGlJia9H9d8 *

oh yeah, additional info. 
i'm also a fan of :

MBLAQ (bias: Seungho & Cheondung)
2AM (Jinwoon)
SHINee (Key & Onew)
ZE:A (Dongjun)
UKISS (Dongho & Eli)
BEAST (Yoseob)
TEEN TOP (Niel & C.A.P)
BOYFRIEND (Youngmin)
B1A4 (Jinyoung)
SUJU (Kyuhyun)

i got a word for some fanclubs from my fav groups.
I AM(2am) 
GIRLFRIEND(Boyfriend)!~ :D

eventhough i have so many boygroups in my list but the most i'm crazy about is my 6 abs men!

!!!2PM Obsession!!!
Love Letter!
He said it! he said the word-Im Your Man. i never Tired of Waiting coz he said I'll Be Back, Back 2 U someday. and i have Only U because u had Open Happiness for me. 
u have Gimme The Light and My Color so, don't leave me coz i can't live Without You, dear Angel
i Don't Stop Can't Stop because u give me this Tik Tok feeling in my every Heartbeat
because u Give It To Me an Electricity, Don't You Know?
I can't said that I Hate You when I Was Crazy About You. I Will Give You My Life, really!
  in my eyes, u are Hot and 10 Out of 10 Points! just put your Hands Up and Dance 2Night, All Night Long  because we're Just Like The Movies. I Know, u are the right guy.
Thank You for being here with me, my Ultra Lover!!~

p/s: the love letter could bring u a goosebumps. it happened to me too!~ haha!!
it's just for fun.. :D
and sorry for readers and NANA coz featuring this LONGGGGG entry.. :D
enjoy yeah!

sarang a.k.a love

Hey, I've Been Tagged!!


hey, i've been tag by Khayrin Jamila.
thank u dear!

1st timer like me; i just like 'what the heck is ths thingie?'
and after did some research, i got this.
so, i've been ask some Q by her and have to answer it.
and i have to give another 11 Q and tag other bloggers.

simple ke? ermm, dunno yet. 
now, let's get started!

Q asked: 

- Have you ever feel boring be a blogger?
ermmm, never! because i like to write and tell story to people. so, bear with my personal story!

- 1 + 2 ?
= 19 - 16.. right? it's the same!~ :D

- Does 123 means a lot to you?
yaep!! of course! because without 123 there will never be 456789 and so on.. :D

the 11 Q by me:
1. Who am i?
2. What do u like?
3. How do u sleep?
4. Do u think u're pretty?
5. U love to draw?
6. What do u do in the elevator?
7. Do u think your perfume is a perfect smell?
8. What are u doing now?
9. What's your pet name?
10. How's your SPM results?
11. Do u mind answering this Q??

it's time to tag! :

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Need Someone's Help!!


i'm having a minor problemo.
i can't feature the youtube box in the entry.

it will appear like this.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/P28DawBSaos" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

no box, just link..
i can't solve it no matter what.
and it's kinda sad. :(

so, can someone help me?
fix this?
teach me please.... *kneeling*

sarang a.k.a. love

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday #3 - Melt! (Cair ooo!)


this guy (Alex!!)

 plus this abs

equals to (=)
i am melting!!~


sarang a.k.a love

Genk!! I'm a Crazy Blogger!


joined a segment by Genk.

click on the banner

i'm a crazy blogger because i love to



sarang a.k.a. love

Monday, 24 October 2011

Quick! See This!


I would like to announce that, something big has come to my doorstep.

wanna know?
with the help of express mail, the thingie have imported to Malaysia.

from a country that i've been to,
from country that being mention by every teens,
from a country which bring the Hallyu Wave.

none than others,

South Korea!!~ 
yeay!!*fireworks sparks in the air!!*

this is the 1st pic.
 after the parcel was opened, the inside showed up.

 open the box and we will see the content being expose!
the boxes inside the box!
the 2 dozens of water box. (the other 4 was in the fridge for cooling)

the taste was tested by this kid.and it was approved by a higher organization. *ME!*

this is BANANA MILK from South Korea.
this milk loved by everyone my family. *me included*

don't worry, i've tested it before and it is sure DELLICIOUS! finger licking good, i tell u!  :D
i've been missing the taste. want some more!! 
(ignore the pimple!)

different shape but same taste!
still like it. 
Korea after convert it,  RM3 each *so expensive! but worth the taste.*
Malaysia, errr, dunno lah.. my sis bought it. and she bought for a lorry 2 dozens! so, i don't really know and i dont care at all! hihi
the taste is enough said.~

it was found by my sis at JJ. it is not imported!
but i've brought it originally from Korea that day *dont ask how!* just to give it a taste to my parents, and they like it too! hihi

p/s: haha! the title makes u open this entry very quick doesnt it?
errr, no? okay fine!

sarang a.k.a. love

Work, Never Done!


today have been a very tiring day.. whole day facing my assignment (illustration).. 
actually i can finished it by last friday.. but because of laziness filling up, and saturday is a FREE DAY!~ so, sunday is the day to finish it all!~ 
even if i can't get a sleep, it's okay.
wanna know what kind of work i've been doing?
let's check it out a bit..

the original pic.

after the colour separation.

colouring in the process. with the frame on the right side.

unfinish part: hand and necklace and eyes.
oh, when will this project be done?
3am? 4am?
and i'm still here in front of laptop.
while my work isn't finish yet..

gotta go!

sarang a.k.a. love

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Enviness = Human


chillax! it's not Wordless Wednesday. 
but just to mention that there are soo many people in the world but non of them i have date.. :D
not my luck i think.. ermm, maybe someday.
or 'maybe Allah reserve someone much better for me and he is the only one..'

but then, hey, i must be lack of experience.. *ermm, what experience??* oh crap!
ah, nothing. that will be a piece of cake! *yummy.. suddenly remind me of a black forest from King's* :D

right, i just envy the blogger who put their other half's pic(s) on the sidebar.
told story about their lover.
how they have been missing him/her.
how were their date.
on birthday, they have been receiving a gift.
a called before bed, a wake up called. 
oh, i really2 jealous u have one. envy when i read all about this thingie.
even when i typing this the enviness is here..  :(

inside of my heart.

just waiting for my time..

before bed, tap your pillow 3 times while mention her/his name
insyaAllah, there will be a light for u.. :D

good luck for the Singlers!~ :D *made-up word*


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Segment #9 - Let's increase the Blog's Traffic!


Put your hands up! put put put put put your hands up!~
and let's get traffic!!~ :D 

click on the banner for more info..

Annyeong!~ je ireumeun MissD imnida!~ 

translate: Hello!~ my name is MissD!~

sarang a.k.a. love

Segment #8 - Shiema Sufian Invite to Explore!

let's join this segment!~
click on the banner to join.
Bonjour, je m'appelle MissD. Je suis Malaisienne. J'aime la musique et le cinema. 
 Annyeong! Je ireumeun MissD imnida. Jega malleisia imnida. Jeoneun eum-aggwa yeonghwa leul salang sicheong *ignore the spelling!~*

translate: Hello! my name is MissD. i am malaysian. i love music and watching movies. :D

p/s: lucky me, knows 5 languages 

sarang a.k.a love

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Segment #7 - Blogger! Jom Kenal.


 okay the contest asked to make the title that way.. no choice!~ :D hihi

hye, my name is errr, just call me MissD. *hey, it is my capital name*
i came from a state where is famous with the beautiful Beach *really? they think so.*
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. psst! let me tell u a secret. the beach isn't nice!! hihi

i am persuing my degree in a local university. which is famous *me think so*

this is my 2nd blog. because of the 'unfanciness' of the old blog, i remake my blog and tadaa!!~ this blog only a month age. i've transfered and hey, i am a Malaysian and Malay girl *bajet cakap omputih ler nih*
i want to variety things.. who knows next time i will have my french blog too * i am taking french as my 3rd language.. or maybe it is 4th? 5th? clueless*

i loveee to travel. next stop is.... jeng3!! undecided.. 
but i know that in 3/4 years i'll be in Paris, persuing my Master's *hey, i'm still young!* .. :D 
wish me luck!

p/s: ambitious Girl!~ :D

sarang a.k.a. love

Wordless Wednesday #3 - No Car Please~


oh my!!~ 

sarang a.k.a love
Miss D

Monday, 17 October 2011

This Entry is for KPopLover Only! Beware if U are NOT!


why the title sound like giving u a warning? *hey, it is just a title right?*
but this is seriously gonna make u jealous if u are KPopLover! *like me!*
wanna know why? 
before that, let me tell u a bit bout this thingie.

i went to KL last Friday to fetch this thingie. *no drugs-talk
oh my! i was happy like if i can fly, i would, something like that.. :D
my dream come true, certainly!


aren't u gonna be happy if u got this ticket? means, u are going to their concert? in November. On Friday. at Stadium Negara. *oh crap! i just give a full information*

 i got a VIP seat with price RM--- *not gonna state!*
 going with my sister with my parents' permission. (THANK YOU OMMUNI, ABEOJJI!! SARANGHAMNIDA!!)

that's why i told that non-kpop lover shouldn't read this. u wouldn't be understand what's going on, right? 
if u keep reading, let me give some info. this is a ticket of a 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour that WILL be held on 25 Nov. 

2PM is a Hallyu Idol (Korean Wave Idol) who are famous in their acrobatic dance which is powerful, wonderful and colourful *really?*
 this is no lie! 
this is their 1st time tour concert since their debut in 2008 *if im not mistaken*
consist of 6 members named JUNHO (My Bias! :D), JUNSU (Daegu Grandfather), NICHKHUN (Thai King), TAECYEON (King of Body Gag), WOOYOUNG (Busan Boy) and CHANSUNG (Silly-Old Maknae).
u don't know them if u didn't watch their variety show. u'll see their true colour.. :D

clockwise from middle left: Junsu, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon, Nichkhun

this poster was distributed with the ticket that being sold.. and i got 4 of it.. 
don't know what to do with the other 3.. who want them? i can give a special price for u *truth*.. :D

after received the ticket from Star Planet, me and my sister went to KLCC to watch KPOP showcase..       it is 2AM!!~ *aiyo, that one is 2PM, this one is 2AM.. but now is 8 PM lorh!
with the REASONABLE price, RM20 *okay, so cheap! what showcase is this? unbelievable*
cool. relax. take a chill pill!
this is a 3D concert in cinema lah bebeh.. that's why so cheap. *manglish*
the showcase was good, with i-dont-know-how-many-they-sing songs. and it looks real.
of course, it is in 3D babe! 
for those I AM (2AM fanclub), u should really go watch it.. dont forget to bring your lightstick, your banner, your balloon and whatsoever. hey, it is a showcase! :D

happy KPOPing!!

p/s: sorry for those non-kpop lovers. i am not only kpop lover, i am Korean lover. 
i love all in and about it. :D that's why i can write about This!
happy reading!

sarang a.k.a love
Miss D

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Spontaneous Thurday #2 - Don't Need a Caption


Big Screen
Made in Korea.
sarang a.k.a love,

Friday, 7 October 2011

Free Friday #2 - Just Read It!!


it's just for fun..

if Korea have 'Annyeonghaseyo', Malaysia have 'Assalamualaikum' (greetings)

if they have 'Taehaminguk!', we have 'Malaysia Boleh!' (tagline)

if the have KPop, we have MPop. (music)

if they have Music Bank, we have Muzik Muzik (music show)

if the have Rain, we have Siti Nurhaliza (artist)

if they have Seoul, we have Kuala Lumpur (capital city)

if they have Busan, we have Port Dickson (beach)

if they have Namdaemun, we have Pasar Seni (traditional goods)

if they have Itaewon, we have Petaling Street (street shopping)
if they have Korean Airline, we have Malaysian Airline (airlines)

if they have Incheon International Airport, we have KL International Airport (airport)

if they have KoRail, we have MonoRail (train)

if they have KBS, we have TV3 (broadcasting company)

if they have KBS News, we have Buletin Utama (news)

if they have Andre Kim, we have Hatta Dolmat (fashion designer)

if they have Hanbok, we have Baju Kurung (clothes)

if they have Kia, we have Proton (car)

if they have Lotte World, we have Genting Highlands (amusement park)

if they have Nami Island, we have Langkawi Island (island)

if they have Namsan Tower, we have KL Tower (skyscraper)

if they have Soju, we have Palm Wine (alcohol)

if they have Kimchi, we have Potato Shoots (vegetables)

if they have Seoul University, we have University Malaya (institute)

if they have Won, we have Ringgit Malaysia (money)

if they have Japan, we have Indonesia (neighbor)

we have to be proud of being a Malaysian.. 
don't be glorify of other country just because of what the media have shown you.. 



Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spontaneous Thursday #1 - Baskin Robin.


1st time having a scoop of Baskin Robin.. 
and it is in South Korea!~
with a heavy rain down poured..

what about YOU?


sarang a.k.a. love

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What u Say?


what will u say if u see a skinny girl and a fat girl are eating for a long time?
Skinny - she is being gentle while eat.
Fatso - ahh, she must be eat too many!

what will u say if the are taking a mountain of food?
Skinny - she must be hungry.
Fatso - ahh, that's nothing. she do eat a lot anyway~

what will u say if u see they are walking slowly?
Skinny - she is walking beautifully~
Fatso - ahh, she is tired to take the step, can't lift her leg!

what will u say if they hit something that make a big sound and get everybody's attention?
Skinny - poor her.. 
Fatso - she is being loud!

what will u say if they wear a tight jeans?
Skinny - nice!
Fatso - OMG! like a jackfruit wrapping!

maybe sometimes we do did this thingie without realize it.. 
take a sit back and think.. 
u must have hurt someone that u didnt want to hurt..

i may be overweight, but i am cute!~ *okay, self-pointed* duhh!~


Monday, 3 October 2011

Segment #6 - Let's Increase Your Followers!


Wanna join? just click on the banner.. 

sarang a.k.a love

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Laughter #1 - Helium Voice.


huhh *sigh*
with a cold filling the atmosphere, adding some juice in it with some laughter would be nice isn't it?

did u know that the balloon that was filled with a gas can change our voice if u suck it..
and it's called helium voice..
don't believe? i got some proves..

let's go!!

 click here for ZE:A

click here for MBLAQ

click here for Teen Top

click here for SNSD

i burst into laugh like a million times when i watch these..

p/s: u have to click each to see the video.. so sorry because the youtube boxes didn't appeared here.. :(


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Segment #5 - Segment Miss Nadya::Welcome October!


i got plenty of free time *<<sarcastic<<* so, i join another segment *again~*..

click as u please to join it.. :D

simple step right? come and join.. :D

close date 31st october.. 


Segment #4 - Let's get Trafficcc!!


okay, bebeyh! another segment added to the list.. 

let's get trafficking!~ *made-up word*

i want my blog get traffic.. :D

click1 click! click on the banner!!
simple step..just say,


sarang a.k.a. love,

Contest #1 - Contest Best Photo of Me by Mayalisa!!


wow, unbelievable how active i am with this new blog.. 
this time, i wanna try my luck by joining a contest by this cute blogger..

click the banner if u are excited to join, like me! :D

i wanna say this before u see my picture..

i am not pretty,
i am not a good photgrapher,
i am just me.. :D

i bet on this picture...
it is the best picture i can get.. haha!
after a little editing and words adding, this is the result.. 
hope u like it Maya Lisa! :D
p/s: the little kid is my niece.. the girl holding the kid is a single.. who want to try can call her at 017-2xxxxxx.. :PP

sarang a.k.a. love,