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Monday, 18 June 2012

Nan Chingu Isseo-yo : Miss Hardworking


i have a friend
her name is Miss Hardworking... :)

i have known her for a year now, since i got into Shah Alam. and start be close with her this semester actually *i mean real close*.

what makes her amazing in my eyes is she is such a hardworking girl. i was amazed by her works which always done by the dateline. wow!
and her works is always perfectly done and nice. and fyi, she's from matrics in science.. HOHO!
i'm impressed.. 
i become her friend hoping that her hardworking will effects me.. hehe
and surprisingly, yes. it works. *a little* huhu 

she's way too skinny, our friend call her 'papan'. can u imagine how skinny she is *no, dont imagine*.. LOL~
besides that, she has been a really nice to me. and yes, me heart her.. :)
and she's the one who has been texting me while i'm sitting in the car brokenhearted the other day *it's in here*.. texting me, makes me feel calm.. XD thanks Chingu-yah!

"lihatlah muke gembira beliau.. mak oii, senyum smpai ke telinga katanye.. huhu"

but! i have to be cautious. dont wanna be too close to her. because she already have a best friend which also my friend and i dont wanna be too close so the best friend didnt see me as a friend's snatcher *got it?*
just a good friend is enough.. no need to be sooo obsess and stick to just one friend right? been there, done that.. no need best friend, i just need good friends..it feels MUCH better..trust me.. :)

p/s: she got boyfriend, guys.. :)

사랑헤 a.k.a love

Sunday, 17 June 2012

난 포기! - I Give Up!!


seriously, NAN POGI!! it's mean i give up. why am i giving up?
this is all because of this ONE GUY.. 

because of him i give up.
because of him i'm brokenhearted
because of him i cried
because of him i dont want to love anymore...

it hurts.. deep inside.

the story begin

him: hey, wanna go to the belia's concert which have Teen Top and Dal Shabet?
me: OF COZ! let's. but i'm too lazy to drive through the jammed area in putrajaya.
him: nevermind, i fetch u..
me: *smile* ok then. 
*p/s: he's my crush*

6.45 we met in shah alam. went straight to putrajaya. but we were lost and i started to drive his car. reached putrjaya at 8.30 pm.  went to Alamanda coz he said he need to see his friend first.
me: ok, nevermind. afterwards we can still go.
him: but hey, i need to change cloths first, please help me look for one. 
me: alright.. *as u all can see, i never say no to him*
after every shops we entered and came out with nothing, he give up. 
him: nevermind lah. we go to McD je. no need to change.
me: whatever, it's u who need to change not me. *laugh*

when we were walking towards the McD, he saw The Reject Shop and entered it. and i sighed. coz it's the 10th shop that we entered!
in that shop, he actually tell me everything. EVERYTHING~

him: i feel uneasy to bring u to see my friend.
me: why? is it ur Gf or what? *as u know, i just randomly asked.*
him: u know i never date right? u never see me date right? *my heart started feels nervous*
me: *just nodded.. speechless..*
him: we dates in a place like this or just siting and eat meals. *bbamm!!! feels like an arrow just penetrate through my chest
i am hurt.....just the right place/shop that he chose.. 'THE REJECT SHOP' yeah, i've been reject in this shop!
me: *cannot show him my dissapointment here. i must be tough!* nevermind then, give me your car key and i'll stay in your car. u just go and see her.
him: are u gonna be alright? *why u ask??! silly*
me: yeah, just fine.

and i waited an hour and a half in the car till he came and we drove BACK TO SHAH ALAM!
can u believe that???
1) why would he willing to fetch me in shah alam when he's from port dickson and go straight to putrajaya then?
2) why he bring me along when he knows he gonna meet his gf?
3) i never know he had a gf till that moment...
4) he broke my heart very deep........ will never heal.

i hope their relationship wont last longer after what he did... it's not that i pray for their relationship to fall.. but u just imagine how brokenhearted i am that time. far from home, nobody's besides me and only sit in the car for more than an hour.....
how sucks my life is!!!

DEAR MALAY GUYS, I JUST FEEL GIVE UP ON U GUYS COZ GIVING ME SUCH A HARD TIME.... i give up on u guys... seriously...it might be hard to heal my heart now after what he had done. i have had enough of these. no more games guys. 

DEAR GIRLS, if u think i'm not supposed to be like this, u girls should know this; this is my 5th times being heartbroken and this one takes 3 years after the 4th one.. who wouldnt feel down? if i'm wrong pls correct me and show me what malay guys can do...

if u were me, what would u do?? tell me...

p/s: wanna finish my study with flying colors and get the hell out from malaysia. coz i'm just sick of malay guys.. no offense, but i've had enough..

사랑헤 a.k.a love

Happy Dad's Day...


Happy Father's Day, Dad!
my dad is AWESOMEEEEEE...
 i have know him for 20++ years but he have been living for 58 years now. let's make him no worries bout me and live a HAPPY pension life together with my MOM.. XD



dear Dad,
All your kindness i will keep it all my life and will never forget it once *Insya Allah*
u raised me up until i am now without feel burden even once.
i am glad that u met MOM in your 20s, finally married her and have live a married life for 32 years. 
because of that, i have become your silly, naughty, joker, spoiled and follow-your-steps-kind-of -daughter.
i am very lucky to have u as my ONE and only HERO.

dear Dad,
u and your jokes make me laugh everytime we are together.
we never bored when we sit in the dinner table.
coz u got all it takes to makes us burst our laughter.
u are the BEST joker yet THE BEST DAD!

dear Dad, 
i hope u have a long life.
so that u can watch me walking to the aisle when i'm gonna marry one day.
so u can be my Wali whom my future husband will shake your hand and say the Akad.
i want no one else to take that once-in-a-life-chance other than u.
i want you to hold my future kids and play with them like u always do with my nieces and nephew.

i like to hear your voice everytime i call and say the words 'Belajar rajin-rajin, dik'.
so, i'm trying my best in studying so that i can take your words as a reality.
which u want your kids to have Masters like you or even PhD. *i'll try on that! i will dad*
and i want YOU and MOM watch me have a great life in the future with your own eyes.
so please dear Dad,
live a healthy life and stay by mom's and my side.
take a GOOD care of yourself.
don't burden yourself with houseworks too much.
and listen to MOM too.. :)
 and know that I ALWAYS LOVE YOU eventhough  i barely say that words. :)

p/s: Happy Dad's Day to the all dads and May Allah Bless You...

사랑헤 a.k.a love


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nan Chingu Isseo-yo : Mr-Knows-Everything..


After looooooong time didn't update, now MissD is back with new slot! *yeayyy

I have a friend. 
oh, how i wish my friend is straight. coz what else can we find in men rather than good-looking, smart, intelligence, knowledgeable, and Mr-knows-everything right??  
i cant say his name of course. but he is quite a perfect package lah. but he's different from other guys.. wait, he's not guy.. LOL! *syhhh, he'll know if u speak to loud* :)

this friend i've been talking bout is a half-guy *if u know what i mean*. but yet, he's my best buddy! he help me a lot in my subjects. excluded the sarcasm words comes out from him. i don't care bout his words, coz i talk sarcasm too u know.. teehee XD

he's been a nice guy i mean buddy..
my other friends always said "Hey, make him straight lah, who knows, maybe u guys can be together" aigoo, now what words is that?? oh, i wish he never know bout that.. LOL
i've dream bout him that one day. saying that he's straight and all this while, he's been acting.. weird dream and it gives me creepy!. huhu.

anyhow, i just wanna say here that: Friend, u gives me hope to live this journey and continue struggling all this while. oh, i am soooo lucky to have u around. hope that our friendship stays forever... hey, let's go to the kpop concert one day huh! :)
love u lah, Chingu!!

oh, yeah.. and he is skinny too.. LOL!
p/s: a lot of my other friend would fall in love with him. hurmmm~~
stay cool yeah.. :)

사랑헤 a.k.a love