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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Body Complex!


what is body complex?

body complex is unsatisfictionfaction with your body. or your complains bout your body. *kire macam tak puas hati kat badan sendiri lah ni.*

Korean Idol tend to state their body complex. *or maybe other people*

short finger
long finger
big thigh
longer lower body
longer upper body
wide forehead
long arms
big feet
small teeth
big ears

but sometimes they do state that this as a body complex:
fingers too short
feet too small
small face
no double eyelid
big eyes

what the heck is this? 
for muslims like me, we should satisfied with what Allah has made us into..

as stated in the Quran, (Firman Allah SWT)
"human is the best creation amongs all."
(Surah at-Tiin ayat 4)

so, why should we be unsatisfied with it?
we should be thankful we have complete limb. compare to those disable persons. right?

so, i am thankful i am born with complete limb. even i am slightly overweight *ok, many! @.@*
 but i can still walk, talk, see, hear, smell and touch!

Proud to be ME!
thank you Allah.. :)

p/s: not trying to offense anyone but dont complain about your 'imperfect' body just because u see it that way. try ask others about yourself and do a self-reflection. 
don't say that u are fat when you are skinnier than fat person! *hate that some people tend to complain bout this especially girls! try to compare between u and me and u know that U ARE SKINNY!!*

sarang a.k.a love

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