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I am Realistic, Confident, Happy, and Funny. but I have attitude problem of Temper. That's why i am still single. who can bear with my temper, please come forward. I'll consider u. I am indeed searching for my Mr. Right :) . Currently persuing my Degree of Fashion Design at UiTM Shah Alam. I am a Malay, Java, Bugis, Minang, Banja, and all kind of mixes. but in the end, i am just a Malay girl. I have a loud voice, so u don't need a speaker instead of having ME! :D Enjoy!

Friday, 23 September 2011

it is another raining day in the evening. the sun shine brightly in the morning and dim when it's going to set. 
*why am i so into poetry?* :D


as u all know my blogging name is MissD. 
i am a famous just a student in a famous university in Shah Alam. *they think so*.
 taking a weird/different path than my other siblings.
hey, i have a curiosity to try something different.!
and it is proved by scientific study that the maknae used to choose a different field from her/his siblings

just to added the info, i am the maknae (youngest) of my sibling.
love being the last person who came to the family? ermm, dont know.
but when i think about it, it does have a little advantages *wow!*..
such as?? family support, the most important thing i get!.
my family always shows the best sample of life. i mean, model. :D
my family is my priority. but first, always myself. *selfish? no!*
love my family!!

i love to travel a lot! lot! lot! *when i say a lot, it really means A LOT!* :D
been to all over Malaysia and it is quite boring though. 
so i've been overseas 2 times and i really really loveee it. 
not to mention that i don't want to go back from the trip!~ :D

1st time,  went to Cambodia.
a nice trip for a 1st timer like me. but being in the plane is not he 1st. :D *lucky me*
went to see a country which 50 years behind u *said my mom*
road without a tar along the villages. and the currency is very very low!
i bought for myself a tshirt, shoes, bags, ring, bracelet, and a watch.

thanks to my mom(ticket) and dad(pocket money) who support my trip to Korea recently..
oh ya, i just went there 3 months ago. and it was AWESOMEEE!!
1 week is not enough for a KoreanLover like me.. :D
wish can be there again next time. totally fall in love with Korea!~ *ok, stop! if not, i will story 5 days long*
bought tshirt, shawl and handphone strap. *korean people is petite u know!*

for hobby, i love listening to KPop *of course!*. Justin Bieber is so yesterday.
K-dramas, K-variety shows, K-man *aww*..
i'm a movies person. any new movie? dont forget to invite me watch too!

currently love to collect 'I <3' tshirt. it's cool!
I <3 *heart* UiTM, I <3 Teluk Batik, I <3 Cambodia, I <3 Korea.
can u tell me where to buy I <3 Malaysia? coz i really do..
and me only collect the tshirt from the place i've been to. not a fake 1.. no offense.
no money, no talk kan right.?

i am an ambitious girl. 
i want everything to fit my satisfaction of life.
-i want to further my studies abroad. *i just love overseas!*
-i want to work overseas, get the experience, getting to know their workstyle and culture. *FUN!*
and can i type about this?
- i want to marry non-malay guy. if there any muallaf guy want me. :D
sorry, not being a picky but, hey, it is my dream right? sure u have yours.!

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