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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Islamic Fashion Festival + Pavillion


yesterday i was gone to JW Marriot Hotel in KL. 1st entering the hotel i was Wowed!! perghh, 5 stars hotel siott..

me and my friend went there by invitation from Miss B (they said). thanks to her, i can experience the 1st fashion show ever! *okay, 2nd time*. but this is the 1st for bigger eventlah kan.
and we got free food! and the meal supposed to be our lunch, but it turn out to be our Breakfast! coz we didnt have a breakfast beforehead. urghh! but the food was superb! friend rice + kimchi + (something i dont know) for the 1st round. 2nd round we're having Udon Mee. and it was nice taste. :D for the pencuci mulut, we're having a red bean soup with rice dumpling which i dont like the dumpling. huhu rase dia pelik. but Shera (my friend) liked it. tak sempat snap gmba food tu semua. busy sangat snap pic runaway tu.. hihi

oh ya, i was seating next to my ex-lecturer in Perak. oh, glad to see Pn. Hana there. :D nasib baik dia kenal muka aq yg cute nih! ahaks! 

and the runaway is good too. with a theme inspiration of Hang Li Po. the designers was from Malaysia and Indonesia (i dont know if there any from other countries, coz it was said that there were 7 countries were participating but i didnt hear any weird names other that malaysian and indonesian's name). some of them were awesome and some were errrr *sensored word*. but overall was good. i love Hatta Dolmat's! 

Hatta and his Finale
i cant featured all the pic. private and confidential.. hihi
ok, i we were seated next 2 table from the runaway. 
at first, we were seating far away at the back. but then, luckily someone we know a.k.a our senior come to us asked us to change seat. and oh God! so near to the stage! wehee! we can see clearer!. thanks senior! :D

the event finished at 2 pm (OMG, Hottest lah!) something. and we're off to Pavillion. sale is everywhere.. and i was like "Urgh! i dont have moneylah!". 

and then, we were starving like hell yeah! and grab some food at KFC. the cheapest fast food kan. bolehlah.
after that we went to Daiso and spent about an hour there and i bought something that can be used during the Concert day! yeay! let me finish decorating the thingie and i'll show u then. :D nothing much. 

after we all felt tired then only we got back. sleep all the way back in the bus without noticing we're arrived! haha! nyenyak gile tidur! 

anyway, yesterday was AWESOME!~

comel tak kami? hihi

sarang a.k.a. love

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