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Friday, 30 September 2011

Free Friday #1 - Spy Myeongwol.


today i got no class.. so today I called it a Free Friday.. :D

i went home yesterday, and now i am lazying on my bed..
and this evening i continued watching currently-favourite drama, Spy Myungwol.. yeah, i just finished it, so what? i got a responsibility as a student.. and missed the 2 weeks broadcast.. thanks to Streamyx, i can online at my home without buffering!~ *CF*

This drama i was mentioned about.. (from left: JuInAh, MajorChoiRyu, HanMyungWol, KangWoo)
love the handsome 'MajorChoiRyu'.. ahjusshi, saranghae!~ (uncle, i luv u!) *coz he is older 10 years ++*
cute isn't he? *heart.. heart..*
 love when he smiled, his eyes become smaller seems like he's close his eyes.. *adorable!~*
ok, stop it..

i want to talk about the plot of the story.. *i know it is a llittle bit late to talk bout this*

1) especially the ending part.. it is a Climactic Ending between MyungWul and KangWoo.. but what happened between InAh and ChoiRyu? they get an Anticlimactic Ending!

p/s: when watching a dramas, i like to watched the extras, not the heroes and heroines.. :D

KangWoo and MyungWol get married.. what a nice picture! awww

what happened between this two? no ending!~

psst! ChoiRyu, if u dont want InAh, u want my sister ah? hihi *joke*

2)  what actually happened to MyungWol and ChoiRyu after the explosive accident? no one know!

boommm!! exploded!~

suddenly, MyungWol showed up looking just fine.. but ChoiRyu have a burns scars on his hand and face.. *poor him, lost his good-looking face..*

i have a BIG QUESTION MARK in my head.. if u(readers) know something bout this, do tell me please.. it's been a mystery to me.. *while singing mystery by BEAST.. nan jeongmal Mystery, mystery, oh! mystery mystery..~*

wow!~ i sure got plenty of time messing my head with a simple thingie like this.. forget my assignment, forget my homework.. yeah!!

sarang a.k.a love,

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Segment #3 - Let's Join Bloglist Genk!!


huh, i am very good at blogwalking right now *self-pointed*
have joined many segment.. 

okay, it's only 3, for now.. will keep it up until everyone knows me..hihi

this time, i join GenkCorner

it's just a simple step..
*not STEP by KARA, ok..*

click here for the extra information..
and then, she ask to tag a friend.. who am i gonna tag? err...

sorry, didint know many friend.. yet.. :D

sarang a.k.a love,


Bonjour.. *at last, it is morning*

i was blogwalking when suddenly i saw this blogger doing a segment..
i want to join this segment by this blogger: 
if u want to join too, click on the banner..

and this is the result.. hope she like it.. :D
and this is my 2nd segment i'm participating.. so excited bout it..

let's check me out!







Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Segment #1 - I want to Read Your Blog


bonsoir.. *then when is bonjour?*

today i dont feel like doing anything~ *Bruno Mars*.. but today i just feel i'm the hardworking-est blogger.. updating twice a day.. what makes me? errrrrrr....
actually, i want to enter this segment conduct by my beloved friend *fan.. kipas2..*

i want my new blog to be known by others.. addition info: i love publicity.. :D

and also, if i didnt join this segment, she will be angry like an angry birds.. *really??* haha

 click the banner if u want to join too..

Anis, choose me please~! *no motives*

p/s: hey, my new blog is much cooler than my old one.. hii


Wordless Wednesday #1 : If U are a Student...

If u are a student, u must have faced this kind of problem..if not, u are a rich and wealthy student.. hihi

 from this : purse full with money~

to this : EMPTY!!

most are having this kind of problem between half to end of semester, when need thingie for assignmnet and all kind of stuffs.. suffer!~ :(


Tuesday, 27 September 2011



Bonsoir!! (bon-swahr) *french said 'good evening*

what is this about the 'fine' thingie?
urghh!~ need no more explaination..
not about me arguing with anybody..

it is just.. errr...
'someone' loved me.. haha!~

i just got a LOVE LETTER from 'him' this evening.. 
saying that he love me..

duhh!~ a crazy guy wouldn't do that either..
okay.. okay..

i've been fine..
it is not about 'how are u doing' thingie.. NO!!

i got a 'LOVE LETTER' from my university's guard.. 
thank u for parking at unneccessary place yeah..

okay, it is my fault.. 
*Guard is giving me a summont*


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Once a Senior, Now a Classmates.


when a new semester was open, everyone expected that we had change during the long holiday *it is very long! no lie.*.. but the truth is, everyone is still the same.. the different is only the 'thingie' in our pocket (money okay!).. some have experienced in working and some were lazying at home doing nothing *talking bout self*.. 

say Hello to new semester and this sem we got a new classmates which once were our Senior from Perak.. 
"Err, hello senior!"
"Hello, junior! eh, classmates lah!"

this is what happened to us (fastrack buddies).. the beginning feels like an A.W.K.W.A.R.D moment.. and now it's been 3 weeks and things get better..
hoping that we will have a great bond by working together.. since our batch has the smallest members of all.. 

 "Hi, we are classmates!~"


Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Style : Ribbon??


this evening, i went to eat at McDonalds.. it was a long time since i ate during Ramadhan.. craving for some GCB.. okay i'm so last year.. GCB is outdated.. no more GCB beybeh.. no luck.. so i ordered my usual lunch meal; spicy chicken mcduluxe.. nyum nyum.. eat while storying with my friend.. *oh yeah, i've invited my friend to accompany me because no one wants to accompany me*.. 

hey, let's go back to the topic! 

i want to tell u guys about the staffs.. they are wearing scarf with a BIG ribbon on their head.. when i say BIG, it is REALLY BIG!! :D

it is the size of their head.. 

anyway, it is good if u want to attract more people to come.. *what? isnt it they already have many people come in ant eat?* haha!!

fine. fine.. i just stop here..


Friday, 23 September 2011

it is another raining day in the evening. the sun shine brightly in the morning and dim when it's going to set. 
*why am i so into poetry?* :D


as u all know my blogging name is MissD. 
i am a famous just a student in a famous university in Shah Alam. *they think so*.
 taking a weird/different path than my other siblings.
hey, i have a curiosity to try something different.!
and it is proved by scientific study that the maknae used to choose a different field from her/his siblings

just to added the info, i am the maknae (youngest) of my sibling.
love being the last person who came to the family? ermm, dont know.
but when i think about it, it does have a little advantages *wow!*..
such as?? family support, the most important thing i get!.
my family always shows the best sample of life. i mean, model. :D
my family is my priority. but first, always myself. *selfish? no!*
love my family!!

i love to travel a lot! lot! lot! *when i say a lot, it really means A LOT!* :D
been to all over Malaysia and it is quite boring though. 
so i've been overseas 2 times and i really really loveee it. 
not to mention that i don't want to go back from the trip!~ :D

1st time,  went to Cambodia.
a nice trip for a 1st timer like me. but being in the plane is not he 1st. :D *lucky me*
went to see a country which 50 years behind u *said my mom*
road without a tar along the villages. and the currency is very very low!
i bought for myself a tshirt, shoes, bags, ring, bracelet, and a watch.

thanks to my mom(ticket) and dad(pocket money) who support my trip to Korea recently..
oh ya, i just went there 3 months ago. and it was AWESOMEEE!!
1 week is not enough for a KoreanLover like me.. :D
wish can be there again next time. totally fall in love with Korea!~ *ok, stop! if not, i will story 5 days long*
bought tshirt, shawl and handphone strap. *korean people is petite u know!*

for hobby, i love listening to KPop *of course!*. Justin Bieber is so yesterday.
K-dramas, K-variety shows, K-man *aww*..
i'm a movies person. any new movie? dont forget to invite me watch too!

currently love to collect 'I <3' tshirt. it's cool!
I <3 *heart* UiTM, I <3 Teluk Batik, I <3 Cambodia, I <3 Korea.
can u tell me where to buy I <3 Malaysia? coz i really do..
and me only collect the tshirt from the place i've been to. not a fake 1.. no offense.
no money, no talk kan right.?

i am an ambitious girl. 
i want everything to fit my satisfaction of life.
-i want to further my studies abroad. *i just love overseas!*
-i want to work overseas, get the experience, getting to know their workstyle and culture. *FUN!*
and can i type about this?
- i want to marry non-malay guy. if there any muallaf guy want me. :D
sorry, not being a picky but, hey, it is my dream right? sure u have yours.!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Friends #1


i take myself as an example..

i've been hanging out with my friend currently.. i'm not boasting but i'm the only who have a car.. and when we go out, we go by my car.. i didn't say anything that would hurt my friends.. but they have to know themselves that my car is filled with a petrol and not WATER!.. they would have shared a money to pay me right? i don't want to ask for them to pay.. but they have to understand me right? they didn't notice that? i don't know.. but sometimes i feel like i've being used by them.. want to go anywhere, just call me and i'll help them.. like that..

and 1 day, i voice out for taking them to my hometown just for fun.. i said we go by my car.. at first, they didn't say anything.. but suddenly, one of my friend said "I can't go.. have too many work to do." okay, it is like I don't have the exact same work. what do u expect me to do? i've invited u guys, going to my house by my car! it's not like i ask them to take bus or train or whatever.. they just have to sit in the car, and i'll do the driving. what's the matter with them? it is hard and i'm hurt.. 

it is like i've being toyed, used and played.. if this happened to u, what would u do? did u do the same: shut the mouth up and act like nothing happened or voice out?

i need help in order to not hurting anybody including myself.. 

with love,



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