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Monday, 31 October 2011

Segment #11 - Hey, I'm Crazy Kpoppers! XD

Annyeong. *to show that i'm true kpopper!~*

this segment is needed me to story about kpop *of course!*

okay, i'm a big big big fan of KPOP.! when i said big fan, it really mean BIG!!

1. my laptop and hp is full with KPOP songs, MVs, Variety Shows, KDramas n Movies. *Hallyu habis lah ni*
2. i've spent my 4 months of semester break doing nothing but surf the internet and browse everything about KPOP. variety shows, music video, news, everything!
3. my house got 2 tv's. *not boasting* but to tell u that 1 tv is for me and my sis just to channel KBS World and One HD!
5. i've been to Korea just to see my fav country!!~ believe me girls and guys, Korea is great! *okay, how many time do i have to mention this??*
6. i have a ticket to 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour which i've mentioned it here!
7. i'm excited typing this entry. and if u realize that i've skipped number 4! :D
8. for more info about my obsession, click here .
9. oh ya, this entry is based on what i see and experienced..
10. for some laugh, click here...

ok, after reading the list, u guys must knew that i am interested in 2PM. and i am hot! HOTTEST!
they were called beastly-idol because of their beast-like attitude *eventhough it's not at all!* and because of their choreography.
yup! they are Beastly!~ XD
 what i like about them? THEIR ABS!!! worth craving for! hihi

i've been their fan since last year after the comeback of again & again and without u.
my bias was Nichkhun whom i'm not interested in anymore, and changed to 
he has smiled-eyes!~ which i like the most bout him.. and He's KOREAN!~
his silliness is adorable!~
he's my bias but doesn't mean that i like Rain! (which everyone said that they are like twins)

i have all their songs. truth said, i'm not a fan of JPOP, but their japanese songs made me listen to it.. and i got to admit that i'm still not into JPOP *sorry jpoppers!* but i like 2PM's J songs!~

here is 1 of the song.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jGlJia9H9d8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*if the box didn't appear, click this link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGlJia9H9d8 *

oh yeah, additional info. 
i'm also a fan of :

MBLAQ (bias: Seungho & Cheondung)
2AM (Jinwoon)
SHINee (Key & Onew)
ZE:A (Dongjun)
UKISS (Dongho & Eli)
BEAST (Yoseob)
TEEN TOP (Niel & C.A.P)
BOYFRIEND (Youngmin)
B1A4 (Jinyoung)
SUJU (Kyuhyun)

i got a word for some fanclubs from my fav groups.
I AM(2am) 
GIRLFRIEND(Boyfriend)!~ :D

eventhough i have so many boygroups in my list but the most i'm crazy about is my 6 abs men!

!!!2PM Obsession!!!
Love Letter!
He said it! he said the word-Im Your Man. i never Tired of Waiting coz he said I'll Be Back, Back 2 U someday. and i have Only U because u had Open Happiness for me. 
u have Gimme The Light and My Color so, don't leave me coz i can't live Without You, dear Angel
i Don't Stop Can't Stop because u give me this Tik Tok feeling in my every Heartbeat
because u Give It To Me an Electricity, Don't You Know?
I can't said that I Hate You when I Was Crazy About You. I Will Give You My Life, really!
  in my eyes, u are Hot and 10 Out of 10 Points! just put your Hands Up and Dance 2Night, All Night Long  because we're Just Like The Movies. I Know, u are the right guy.
Thank You for being here with me, my Ultra Lover!!~

p/s: the love letter could bring u a goosebumps. it happened to me too!~ haha!!
it's just for fun.. :D
and sorry for readers and NANA coz featuring this LONGGGGG entry.. :D
enjoy yeah!

sarang a.k.a love


  1. haha . wow i love the love letter XDD
    keke . thanks joined neeee ~ :3
    nice entry hottest . hoho .

  2. sy pon minat dgn 2pmjugak..thanks sudi ke blog fuza..

    nnty pergi ke konsert 2pm nie..??

  3. gogogo , letter <3 . do follow mine :)

  4. fuza, of coz la pegi.. dah beli tiket pown.. hihi :D ade link kat atas.. :D

    durar, ok.. :D

  5. junho >< suke dy sebab dy mcm rain HAHAHAH :D

  6. darla - noooo!!!~ me suke junho too!~ sb smiling eyes dy!~ XD