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Monday, 28 November 2011

I am Married.


is that a shocking title? kekeXD

yeah, i've confessed my love to Junho! at last!!
at the concert last Friday. lols!~
psst!: Junho is a member of 2PM

ok, i got a sore throat for a week *i think it will be* because i shouted his name all the time at the concert.
ahhh, my Junho got a nice VOICE! and he's Chic too!
handsome too! *of coz!*

and lastly, he's an OPPA!!~ XD
Nuneo Oppa!! 

the thing i discovered bout him:
-he's funny! (most important thing)
-he's got voice of singing!
-he has the smiling-eyes which melt my heart!
-he's can act sexy.
he's talented!
-he's good-looking.
-he's nice and kind. *kowt?*
-love his word 'Chhyoo!'

pokoknya, he make me melt! yiaww!!

his smiling eyes is perghh!! irrestable!
his sexy side
cute side
fotogenik! true model.
nerd side
he got ABS too!!!! kyaaaa!~

*i got confused whether he is Junho or Rain!*

and i got something from my friend as a sign i'm a Junho's BIGGEST FAN!

1st, hp strap from s'pore! thanks to Kalyn!~

a drawing of Junho from Asyraff Dongsaeng! thank u very much! the word means: Adilia!!! i want to hug u *aww, cute!*
 and something i bought at the concert.
comel x my nuneo??!! XD

ohh, nan chua!! it feels like my life is totally complete! theeheeXD
nasib baik telah bertukar bias(members yg disukai) sebelum konsert hari tu. kalau tak, sia2 hilang suare lepas tu tukar bias. hihi
sorry Nichkhun, i've change my bias to Junho. eventhough we're married *in my dream*. and we even k***. ok that's it!

lepas ni kena mimpi Junho plak. kesian dia.. :D

p/s: nampaknye penyakit aku dah kornik! oh, Junho! tolonglah ubati diriku.. kekeXD

sarang a.k.a. love

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