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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Segment #1 - I want to Read Your Blog


bonsoir.. *then when is bonjour?*

today i dont feel like doing anything~ *Bruno Mars*.. but today i just feel i'm the hardworking-est blogger.. updating twice a day.. what makes me? errrrrrr....
actually, i want to enter this segment conduct by my beloved friend *fan.. kipas2..*

i want my new blog to be known by others.. addition info: i love publicity.. :D

and also, if i didnt join this segment, she will be angry like an angry birds.. *really??* haha

 click the banner if u want to join too..

Anis, choose me please~! *no motives*

p/s: hey, my new blog is much cooler than my old one.. hii



  1. cik tiqah, which blog is nice? this or Anis's?? hihi

  2. dear,...sape lak ni miss D...macam kenal...btw tq sudi join ;)

  3. anis - akulah org nye.. hahaha!~

  4. singgah dari segmen yang sama.

    jemputke blog saya ye?

    MOHD NASER.com

  5. angry like angry bird...she must believes she can fly...heeee

    i follow lah blog ni...

    to my blog - Acapsuur (>,<)

  6. asyraf.. haha.. dont know whether she can fly or not.. tetttt!~ sory anis oi.. hihi