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Friday, 30 September 2011

Free Friday #1 - Spy Myeongwol.


today i got no class.. so today I called it a Free Friday.. :D

i went home yesterday, and now i am lazying on my bed..
and this evening i continued watching currently-favourite drama, Spy Myungwol.. yeah, i just finished it, so what? i got a responsibility as a student.. and missed the 2 weeks broadcast.. thanks to Streamyx, i can online at my home without buffering!~ *CF*

This drama i was mentioned about.. (from left: JuInAh, MajorChoiRyu, HanMyungWol, KangWoo)
love the handsome 'MajorChoiRyu'.. ahjusshi, saranghae!~ (uncle, i luv u!) *coz he is older 10 years ++*
cute isn't he? *heart.. heart..*
 love when he smiled, his eyes become smaller seems like he's close his eyes.. *adorable!~*
ok, stop it..

i want to talk about the plot of the story.. *i know it is a llittle bit late to talk bout this*

1) especially the ending part.. it is a Climactic Ending between MyungWul and KangWoo.. but what happened between InAh and ChoiRyu? they get an Anticlimactic Ending!

p/s: when watching a dramas, i like to watched the extras, not the heroes and heroines.. :D

KangWoo and MyungWol get married.. what a nice picture! awww

what happened between this two? no ending!~

psst! ChoiRyu, if u dont want InAh, u want my sister ah? hihi *joke*

2)  what actually happened to MyungWol and ChoiRyu after the explosive accident? no one know!

boommm!! exploded!~

suddenly, MyungWol showed up looking just fine.. but ChoiRyu have a burns scars on his hand and face.. *poor him, lost his good-looking face..*

i have a BIG QUESTION MARK in my head.. if u(readers) know something bout this, do tell me please.. it's been a mystery to me.. *while singing mystery by BEAST.. nan jeongmal Mystery, mystery, oh! mystery mystery..~*

wow!~ i sure got plenty of time messing my head with a simple thingie like this.. forget my assignment, forget my homework.. yeah!!

sarang a.k.a love,

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