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Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Friends #1


i take myself as an example..

i've been hanging out with my friend currently.. i'm not boasting but i'm the only who have a car.. and when we go out, we go by my car.. i didn't say anything that would hurt my friends.. but they have to know themselves that my car is filled with a petrol and not WATER!.. they would have shared a money to pay me right? i don't want to ask for them to pay.. but they have to understand me right? they didn't notice that? i don't know.. but sometimes i feel like i've being used by them.. want to go anywhere, just call me and i'll help them.. like that..

and 1 day, i voice out for taking them to my hometown just for fun.. i said we go by my car.. at first, they didn't say anything.. but suddenly, one of my friend said "I can't go.. have too many work to do." okay, it is like I don't have the exact same work. what do u expect me to do? i've invited u guys, going to my house by my car! it's not like i ask them to take bus or train or whatever.. they just have to sit in the car, and i'll do the driving. what's the matter with them? it is hard and i'm hurt.. 

it is like i've being toyed, used and played.. if this happened to u, what would u do? did u do the same: shut the mouth up and act like nothing happened or voice out?

i need help in order to not hurting anybody including myself.. 

with love,

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