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Tuesday, 27 September 2011



Bonsoir!! (bon-swahr) *french said 'good evening*

what is this about the 'fine' thingie?
urghh!~ need no more explaination..
not about me arguing with anybody..

it is just.. errr...
'someone' loved me.. haha!~

i just got a LOVE LETTER from 'him' this evening.. 
saying that he love me..

duhh!~ a crazy guy wouldn't do that either..
okay.. okay..

i've been fine..
it is not about 'how are u doing' thingie.. NO!!

i got a 'LOVE LETTER' from my university's guard.. 
thank u for parking at unneccessary place yeah..

okay, it is my fault.. 
*Guard is giving me a summont*


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