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Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Style : Ribbon??


this evening, i went to eat at McDonalds.. it was a long time since i ate during Ramadhan.. craving for some GCB.. okay i'm so last year.. GCB is outdated.. no more GCB beybeh.. no luck.. so i ordered my usual lunch meal; spicy chicken mcduluxe.. nyum nyum.. eat while storying with my friend.. *oh yeah, i've invited my friend to accompany me because no one wants to accompany me*.. 

hey, let's go back to the topic! 

i want to tell u guys about the staffs.. they are wearing scarf with a BIG ribbon on their head.. when i say BIG, it is REALLY BIG!! :D

it is the size of their head.. 

anyway, it is good if u want to attract more people to come.. *what? isnt it they already have many people come in ant eat?* haha!!

fine. fine.. i just stop here..


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