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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What u Say?


what will u say if u see a skinny girl and a fat girl are eating for a long time?
Skinny - she is being gentle while eat.
Fatso - ahh, she must be eat too many!

what will u say if the are taking a mountain of food?
Skinny - she must be hungry.
Fatso - ahh, that's nothing. she do eat a lot anyway~

what will u say if u see they are walking slowly?
Skinny - she is walking beautifully~
Fatso - ahh, she is tired to take the step, can't lift her leg!

what will u say if they hit something that make a big sound and get everybody's attention?
Skinny - poor her.. 
Fatso - she is being loud!

what will u say if they wear a tight jeans?
Skinny - nice!
Fatso - OMG! like a jackfruit wrapping!

maybe sometimes we do did this thingie without realize it.. 
take a sit back and think.. 
u must have hurt someone that u didnt want to hurt..

i may be overweight, but i am cute!~ *okay, self-pointed* duhh!~



  1. u r cute <3 hug hug hug muah. *seram tak?* hahaha

  2. zirah - gila x seram.. meremang semua ada.. :D