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Monday, 24 October 2011

Quick! See This!


I would like to announce that, something big has come to my doorstep.

wanna know?
with the help of express mail, the thingie have imported to Malaysia.

from a country that i've been to,
from country that being mention by every teens,
from a country which bring the Hallyu Wave.

none than others,

South Korea!!~ 
yeay!!*fireworks sparks in the air!!*

this is the 1st pic.
 after the parcel was opened, the inside showed up.

 open the box and we will see the content being expose!
the boxes inside the box!
the 2 dozens of water box. (the other 4 was in the fridge for cooling)

the taste was tested by this kid.and it was approved by a higher organization. *ME!*

this is BANANA MILK from South Korea.
this milk loved by everyone my family. *me included*

don't worry, i've tested it before and it is sure DELLICIOUS! finger licking good, i tell u!  :D
i've been missing the taste. want some more!! 
(ignore the pimple!)

different shape but same taste!
still like it. 
Korea after convert it,  RM3 each *so expensive! but worth the taste.*
Malaysia, errr, dunno lah.. my sis bought it. and she bought for a lorry 2 dozens! so, i don't really know and i dont care at all! hihi
the taste is enough said.~

it was found by my sis at JJ. it is not imported!
but i've brought it originally from Korea that day *dont ask how!* just to give it a taste to my parents, and they like it too! hihi

p/s: haha! the title makes u open this entry very quick doesnt it?
errr, no? okay fine!

sarang a.k.a. love

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