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Monday, 31 October 2011

Hey, I've Been Tagged!!


hey, i've been tag by Khayrin Jamila.
thank u dear!

1st timer like me; i just like 'what the heck is ths thingie?'
and after did some research, i got this.
so, i've been ask some Q by her and have to answer it.
and i have to give another 11 Q and tag other bloggers.

simple ke? ermm, dunno yet. 
now, let's get started!

Q asked: 

- Have you ever feel boring be a blogger?
ermmm, never! because i like to write and tell story to people. so, bear with my personal story!

- 1 + 2 ?
= 19 - 16.. right? it's the same!~ :D

- Does 123 means a lot to you?
yaep!! of course! because without 123 there will never be 456789 and so on.. :D

the 11 Q by me:
1. Who am i?
2. What do u like?
3. How do u sleep?
4. Do u think u're pretty?
5. U love to draw?
6. What do u do in the elevator?
7. Do u think your perfume is a perfect smell?
8. What are u doing now?
9. What's your pet name?
10. How's your SPM results?
11. Do u mind answering this Q??

it's time to tag! :


  1. owh PCL pong di tag nih...thnks singgah , kalu ada kesesuaian pcl teruskan.

  2. jwb kat sini jer blh ?? hee ~~ =D
    btw , thx tag ..