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Monday, 17 October 2011

This Entry is for KPopLover Only! Beware if U are NOT!


why the title sound like giving u a warning? *hey, it is just a title right?*
but this is seriously gonna make u jealous if u are KPopLover! *like me!*
wanna know why? 
before that, let me tell u a bit bout this thingie.

i went to KL last Friday to fetch this thingie. *no drugs-talk
oh my! i was happy like if i can fly, i would, something like that.. :D
my dream come true, certainly!


aren't u gonna be happy if u got this ticket? means, u are going to their concert? in November. On Friday. at Stadium Negara. *oh crap! i just give a full information*

 i got a VIP seat with price RM--- *not gonna state!*
 going with my sister with my parents' permission. (THANK YOU OMMUNI, ABEOJJI!! SARANGHAMNIDA!!)

that's why i told that non-kpop lover shouldn't read this. u wouldn't be understand what's going on, right? 
if u keep reading, let me give some info. this is a ticket of a 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour that WILL be held on 25 Nov. 

2PM is a Hallyu Idol (Korean Wave Idol) who are famous in their acrobatic dance which is powerful, wonderful and colourful *really?*
 this is no lie! 
this is their 1st time tour concert since their debut in 2008 *if im not mistaken*
consist of 6 members named JUNHO (My Bias! :D), JUNSU (Daegu Grandfather), NICHKHUN (Thai King), TAECYEON (King of Body Gag), WOOYOUNG (Busan Boy) and CHANSUNG (Silly-Old Maknae).
u don't know them if u didn't watch their variety show. u'll see their true colour.. :D

clockwise from middle left: Junsu, Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, Taecyeon, Nichkhun

this poster was distributed with the ticket that being sold.. and i got 4 of it.. 
don't know what to do with the other 3.. who want them? i can give a special price for u *truth*.. :D

after received the ticket from Star Planet, me and my sister went to KLCC to watch KPOP showcase..       it is 2AM!!~ *aiyo, that one is 2PM, this one is 2AM.. but now is 8 PM lorh!
with the REASONABLE price, RM20 *okay, so cheap! what showcase is this? unbelievable*
cool. relax. take a chill pill!
this is a 3D concert in cinema lah bebeh.. that's why so cheap. *manglish*
the showcase was good, with i-dont-know-how-many-they-sing songs. and it looks real.
of course, it is in 3D babe! 
for those I AM (2AM fanclub), u should really go watch it.. dont forget to bring your lightstick, your banner, your balloon and whatsoever. hey, it is a showcase! :D

happy KPOPing!!

p/s: sorry for those non-kpop lovers. i am not only kpop lover, i am Korean lover. 
i love all in and about it. :D that's why i can write about This!
happy reading!

sarang a.k.a love
Miss D


  1. tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

    hukhuk nangis... 2pm..oooooooooo best nye..jeles ok

  2. Pendamba Mawar - jgn nangis2.. hihi :D