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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Enviness = Human


chillax! it's not Wordless Wednesday. 
but just to mention that there are soo many people in the world but non of them i have date.. :D
not my luck i think.. ermm, maybe someday.
or 'maybe Allah reserve someone much better for me and he is the only one..'

but then, hey, i must be lack of experience.. *ermm, what experience??* oh crap!
ah, nothing. that will be a piece of cake! *yummy.. suddenly remind me of a black forest from King's* :D

right, i just envy the blogger who put their other half's pic(s) on the sidebar.
told story about their lover.
how they have been missing him/her.
how were their date.
on birthday, they have been receiving a gift.
a called before bed, a wake up called. 
oh, i really2 jealous u have one. envy when i read all about this thingie.
even when i typing this the enviness is here..  :(

inside of my heart.

just waiting for my time..

before bed, tap your pillow 3 times while mention her/his name
insyaAllah, there will be a light for u.. :D

good luck for the Singlers!~ :D *made-up word*