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Monday, 18 June 2012

Nan Chingu Isseo-yo : Miss Hardworking


i have a friend
her name is Miss Hardworking... :)

i have known her for a year now, since i got into Shah Alam. and start be close with her this semester actually *i mean real close*.

what makes her amazing in my eyes is she is such a hardworking girl. i was amazed by her works which always done by the dateline. wow!
and her works is always perfectly done and nice. and fyi, she's from matrics in science.. HOHO!
i'm impressed.. 
i become her friend hoping that her hardworking will effects me.. hehe
and surprisingly, yes. it works. *a little* huhu 

she's way too skinny, our friend call her 'papan'. can u imagine how skinny she is *no, dont imagine*.. LOL~
besides that, she has been a really nice to me. and yes, me heart her.. :)
and she's the one who has been texting me while i'm sitting in the car brokenhearted the other day *it's in here*.. texting me, makes me feel calm.. XD thanks Chingu-yah!

"lihatlah muke gembira beliau.. mak oii, senyum smpai ke telinga katanye.. huhu"

but! i have to be cautious. dont wanna be too close to her. because she already have a best friend which also my friend and i dont wanna be too close so the best friend didnt see me as a friend's snatcher *got it?*
just a good friend is enough.. no need to be sooo obsess and stick to just one friend right? been there, done that.. no need best friend, i just need good friends..it feels MUCH better..trust me.. :)

p/s: she got boyfriend, guys.. :)

사랑헤 a.k.a love

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