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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Dad's Day...


Happy Father's Day, Dad!
my dad is AWESOMEEEEEE...
 i have know him for 20++ years but he have been living for 58 years now. let's make him no worries bout me and live a HAPPY pension life together with my MOM.. XD



dear Dad,
All your kindness i will keep it all my life and will never forget it once *Insya Allah*
u raised me up until i am now without feel burden even once.
i am glad that u met MOM in your 20s, finally married her and have live a married life for 32 years. 
because of that, i have become your silly, naughty, joker, spoiled and follow-your-steps-kind-of -daughter.
i am very lucky to have u as my ONE and only HERO.

dear Dad,
u and your jokes make me laugh everytime we are together.
we never bored when we sit in the dinner table.
coz u got all it takes to makes us burst our laughter.
u are the BEST joker yet THE BEST DAD!

dear Dad, 
i hope u have a long life.
so that u can watch me walking to the aisle when i'm gonna marry one day.
so u can be my Wali whom my future husband will shake your hand and say the Akad.
i want no one else to take that once-in-a-life-chance other than u.
i want you to hold my future kids and play with them like u always do with my nieces and nephew.

i like to hear your voice everytime i call and say the words 'Belajar rajin-rajin, dik'.
so, i'm trying my best in studying so that i can take your words as a reality.
which u want your kids to have Masters like you or even PhD. *i'll try on that! i will dad*
and i want YOU and MOM watch me have a great life in the future with your own eyes.
so please dear Dad,
live a healthy life and stay by mom's and my side.
take a GOOD care of yourself.
don't burden yourself with houseworks too much.
and listen to MOM too.. :)
 and know that I ALWAYS LOVE YOU eventhough  i barely say that words. :)

p/s: Happy Dad's Day to the all dads and May Allah Bless You...

사랑헤 a.k.a love


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