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Monday, 20 February 2012

4th Language and U?


u must be wondering why i changed my 'Annyeong' to '안녕' right?
dear friends, the new one is in Hangeul; Korean Alphabet. 

speaking of Hangeul. did u know that Korea Plaza have a FREE classes of Korean Language?? i mean FREE. yeah, it is for FREE *ok, now i've mention it 3 times, u must be awaken by now*. 
i just got to know it last January. since my friend posted it on her Facebook *Thanks to FB!*.

and of course i MUST join it since it is free and i'm also free from a semester which it started on my very 1st day of semester break. 
i'm very glad i got in and my class is on every Friday at 1.30 till 3.30.
so, i am alternating from Negeri to KL just to go to the class..

now, it is not free anymore. coz i have to pay for the petrol to go to the KTM station and go to the KL Sentral. transit to Monorail and drop off at Raja Chulan. fiuhh, such a long journey~
it took me an hour and a half to reach Menara Hap Seng. Aigoo, tired already.

now, it has been 4 classes and i got 6 classes more. 
now, the lesson are starting to get difficult and hard.. Hangeul is sooo difficult to learn. 
it needs focus and interest.
PRECAUTION: if u are not interested of learning better not! 
me myself are dizzy when the Hangeul itself getting harder and harder.
but i do exercises regularly so that i can pick up for the next lesson *since it is holiday*. 
u know coz, Hangeul is actually cannot be translated into Roman Alphabet.

this is what i learn *thanks to google*
it is fun at first i learn how the Alphabet is really being invented by King Sejong and his scholars.

click on the pic.

i also being taught how to construct the words in Hangeul. it is like the chinese alphabet.
it have the upper and bottom level of each alphabet. 
u know what i mean if u also learnt this Language.

and yah,why this language is 4th language? *i think 5th*
i have French as my 3rd language which is in my Study Schedule.

so, taking another Language is Fun for me. 
just hoping that i could learn another Language so that i can widen my eyes, heart and mind.. :D

how bout u? :)

사랑 a.k.a. love,


  1. waaa....such a good entry sis ...
    i've learning hangeul by myself through youtube & website je kottt.....

    its okay setakat boleh baca hangeul pun dah rasa lulus ...wakakaka...but now , still hafal makna2 nak susun jadi satu ayat ... susah sikit sebab kena cakap terbalik...~_~

    too much effort i've put on "how to read" hangeul.... even still baru 4 bulan study ...rasa dah okay sgt dapat tulis dan baca .

    keep it up sis .. hwaiting !

    awesome entry is awesomeeeehhh

  2. Wanabee, haha tq2!.. keep learning hangeul yah! :d hwaiting to u too!

    SiLabiLabi, korea plaza kat Menara Hap Seng. KL. :)klw nak tau lagi, search je korea plaza. FB and twitter pun diorang ade. website is much better to get the infos.. :)